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Neither monarchy nor war has ever been the real problem. Every society has always had war, it’s intrinsic to humanity, and we’ve always had rulers—do you really see so much difference between a medieval king and a modern-day president or prime minister, except that the king was marginally more accessible to his subjects? The real problem comes when the two things, monarchy and war, become dislocated from each other.(…)Look at the old wars, centuries ago: the king led his men into battle. Always. That was what the ruler was: both on a practical level and on a mystical one, he was the one who stepped forwards to lead his tribe, put his life at stake for them, become the sacrifice for their safety. If he had refused to do that most crucial thing at that most crucial moment, they would have ripped him apart—and rightly so: he would have shown himself to be an impostor, with no right to the throne. The king was the country; how could he possibly expect it to go into battle without him? But now … Can you see any modern president or prime minister on the front line, leading his men into the war he’s started? And once that physical and mystical link is broken, once the ruler is no longer willing to be the sacrifice for his people, he becomes not a leader but a leech, forcing others to take his risks while he sits in safety and battens on their losses. War becomes a hideous abstraction, a game for bureaucrats to play on paper; soldiers and civilians become mere pawns, to be sacrificed by the thousand for reasons that have no roots in any reality. As soon as rulers mean nothing, war means nothing; human life means nothing. We’re ruled by venal little usurpers, all of us, and they make meaninglessness everywhere they go.
— The Likeness, Tana French: When war becomes a hideous abstraction.
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"There’s a Spanish proverb,that’s always fascinated me. ‘Take what you want and pay for it, says God.’I don’t believe in God,but that principle seems, to me, to have a divinity of its own; a kind of blazing purity. What could possibly be simpler, or more crucial? You can have anything you want, as long as you accept that there is a price and that you will have to pay it.It seems to me,that we as a society have come to overlook the second clause. We hear only ‘Take what you want, says God’; nobody mentions a price, and when it comes time to settle the score, everyone’s outraged. Take the national economic explosion, as the most obvious example: that’s come at a price, and a very steep one, to my mind. We have sushi bars and SUVs, but people our age can’t afford homes in the city where they grew up, so centuries-old communities are disintegrating like sand castles. People spend five or six hours a day in traffic; parents never see their children, because they both have to work overtime to make ends meet. We no longer have time for culture—theaters are closing, architecture is being wrecked to make way for office blocks. And so on and so forth. We’ve taken what we wanted and we’re paying for it, and no doubt many people feel that on balance the deal is a good one. What I do find surprising is the frantic silence that surrounds this price. The politicians tell us, constantly, that we live in Utopia. If anyone with any visibility ever suggests that this bliss may not come free, then that dreadful little man—what’s his name? the prime minister—comes on the television, not to point out that this toll is the law of nature, but to deny furiously that it exists and to scold us like children for mentioning it. I finally had to get rid of the television,we’ve become a nation of defaulters: we buy on credit, and when the bill comes in, we’re so deeply outraged that we refuse even to look at it.”

The Likeness, Tana French

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want to know what happens once you eliminate ‘intolerance’ and ‘bigotry’ from society? 1400 white girls get their lives destroyed by third world child rapists and the politicians you put in power get paid trying to sweep it under the rug like it never fucking happened

The worst part is that the people who knew what was going on didn’t dare to speak out, out of fear of appearing racist! Ha! Supposedly the worst possible secular sin (for white people, of course, and only for white people), and seemingly much “worse” than pedophilia, rape, child abuse and foreigners invading/looting/taking over your country. It happened because of the silence of council workers. Let’s be perfectly clear about this: Pakistani men who massively target British girls have a racial motivation for their crimes. And they do what they do because they can. Immigrants are allowed to do anything they want in our countries, they’re not bloody victims. Forcing Europeans to live together with large, unassimilable masses from the Third World (basically, just Europeans trying to survive their onslaught, there’s not much living together), is the biggest crime of our time.

Shows you again how toxic institutionalized anti-racist ideology is, a cult for fools, celebrities & the pseudo-intelligent, and how constant propaganda polluted the minds of really everyone, no exception.

The Rotherham sexual abuse should be the main item on all news channels on TV (But then the traitor media would appear racist! Lololololol), instead the commie coverup is in full swing. The rest of Europe has no idea what happened in Rotherham. That’s how the “free press” works. That’s how “tolerance” works.

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Globalization is all about wealth. It knows the price of everything and value of nothing. Without borders the world will become - is visibly becoming - a howling desert of traffic fumes, plastic and concrete, where nowhere is home and the only language is money.
— Peter Hitchens (via nineisamagicnumber)
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Generation Identity patrol the trams in France after sexual assaults on French women
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A Syrian Arab Army Soldier refuses to say “Islamic State” before being executed. Instead he says “We will annihilate you”. He was among those soldiers captured at Tabqa airbase, which fell into the hands of the Islamic State last week. Viewer discretion is advised.
Photo 30 Aug 20 notes "It is all hands on deck to defend our nations and our Faith, do not shirk your duty! The blood of martyrs is the seed of Europe and the Church." - Traditionalist Youth Network 

"It is all hands on deck to defend our nations and our Faith, do not shirk your duty! The blood of martyrs is the seed of Europe and the Church." - Traditionalist Youth Network 

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An art deco holy card of the Immaculate Conception.


An art deco holy card of the Immaculate Conception.

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