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thank u ryden

"Thank u" for what? It’s all sophistry, straw (wo)man arguments and semantics! If you extrapolate Ryden Armani’s reasoning, thoughts such as these will flow through your mind:

And if you truly believe you don’t need socialism, then by all means, go work 18 hours every day for 5$ while risking your life again. And if you truly believe you don’t need capitalism, you surely think you earn way too much and you want to pay higher taxes. And if you truly believe you don’t need conservatism, send your children to the worst school you can possibly think of. And if you’re truly against civilization and da man, go live in a cave. Yes, go! NOW!

Except: there are no significant political movements championing these causes - no employers who want to make you slave away 3/4th of the day, they’d get in serious trouble with the law over such a transgression -  so there’s no need for a countermovement. Same thing goes for feminism. Ryden Armani is no 19th century suffragette - suffragettes would consider Armani to be a sleaze at best - and there are no men who want to take away her right to vote or work, nor imprison her in an asylum on a whim, at least not in the West. There are laws and they qualify such things as crime. More importantly, the law is enforced. Hence Armani is not really defending any of the issues she mentioned because she doesn’t have to, she never had to - she defends a shitload of trivial and counterproductive causes though - all while selling sex toys. A logical question then becomes: why should women be feminists at all? Armani doesn’t make a compelling argument.

In all actuality, and except for a small portion of any population in any given Western country, we’re all at least a bit socialist/nationalist/feminist/capitalist/conservative/… in a (liberal) democracy…. also the women who are proudly antifeminist - and they too exercise a political right, not the way Armani wants it, of course, but it’s not the likes of Armani who are responsible for women’s political involvement, so my advice: stop hiding behind the suffragettes. When we’re talking about feminism today, the issue clearly is third wave feminism, sometimes the second wave. That’s the heart of the matter. I’m not surprised by Armani keeping quiet about third wave issues while promoting it by identifying her activism with first wave feminism, a political development from the distant past which very, very few women and men will call into question - it was a wise thing to do, but also intellectually dishonest. Or maybe Armani is just plain dumb. And I’d say Ryden Armani isn’t the liberator of women, she’s their prison warden, keeping the herd in check. Because one dead sheep a day keeps freedom away.

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England 1935


England 1935

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Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)
engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903



Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)

engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903



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(2) Tumblr on We Heart It.


(2) Tumblr on We Heart It.

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Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1896-1975), The Evening Star, 1864.


Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1896-1975), The Evening Star, 1864.

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On days like these it’s so easy to see your country has been taken away. Immigrants are rioting on our European streets and burning down our cities because of the Gaza war - and I’m completely fed up with this crap. It’s infuriating. Send in the tanks, crush the forces of chaos. They should all be deported back to their own countries starting today, no exception. Clean up this bloody mess - save your nation, stop the invasion.

Yet World War 2 has ideologically and politically crippled European governments, now traitors rule supreme, keeping the patriots locked away in prison while the population suffers under their thumb - these traitors are the direct consequence of the Soviet and American bombs and occupations that completely demolished our lovely continent. So while we’re allowed to stand either with Muslims or with Jews, with the Palestinians or Israel (and lots of brainwashed fools do that, despite neither of these nations ever supporting us) -  we’re not allowed to support and protect Italy, France, Germany, England, … that could bring one into serious trouble with the law, isn’t it? Even though our nations are dying some more every day, and perhaps precisely because of it.   

Do you recall the anger Tumblr directed at Europeans for voting for the national democrats only a few months ago? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Today these SJW-tards are participating in the propaganda war between Jews and Palestinians - while the real battle goes on in European towns and cities, leaving us to pick up the pieces. The very same people who are angry at the slightest hint of European self defense and who can’t care less about our cities being obliterated. Evidently, these people consider us only good enough for the money they can get out of us, the money that keeps the wheels of traitor utopia spinning. The money that makes the forced repopulation of Europe possible.

Remember this when someone tries to send you on a guilt trip again, or next time when you’re asked to go vote - vote for so-called scum, no doubt about it. Because “scum” - in our world, where up is down and wrong is right - means “heroes”.

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Domenico Tojetti - At Sacred Spring (1877)


Domenico Tojetti - At Sacred Spring (1877)

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